Monday, 16 January 2017

A dog's breakfast is is for life, not just for Christmas

At the American Historical Association annual meeting this year, I ended a pleasant conversation with a UK-resident friend of mine, who said in parting he’d be happy enough to trade Brexit for Trump. I hadn’t time to inquire after his logic, so I leave it to you to decide whether you would do likewise.
Maybe it's not as obvious as I'd thought but, to me, the logic is quite straightforward:
  • failing a Trumpist one-party coup, Americans are stuck with Trump for four years max, before getting their chance to fire the bum
  • if Mrs May isn't stopped from going through with Brexit, it's just going to stick around, like an unflushable turd. However bad it gets, we Brits are stuck with it for ever.*

Some poor choices are hard to reverse...

 *OK, nothing's "for ever", but a generation-long omnishambles with no bearable alternative is quite bad enough.