Saturday, 20 February 2016

100% organic cancer

You could probably have worked this out for yourself:
Stamping an organic label on tobacco products is ultimately a distinction without a difference—organic or not, cigarettes are bad for your health,” Brown said. “Today’s settlement with Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company ensures that all future advertisements make it clear that organic tobacco is no safer or healthier.”
Today’s agreement follows Brown’s contention that Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company may have misled consumers in advertising its “organic” or “100% organic” Natural American Spirit cigarettes and roll-your-own tobacco and pouches, leading consumers to believe these products were less harmful than other tobacco products. There is currently no competent or reliable scientific evidence to support this conclusion.

In other news, there's no reliable evidence that dousing yourself with unleaded petrol and striking a match is significantly safer than doing the same with leaded petrol.  Anyway, what are the chances that an industry that knowingly kills off half of its users would have even a twinge of remorse about being caught red-handed, or attain a state of corporate social responsibility through self-regulation any time before Hell freezes over?

About as tiny as you probably guessed. If you can't imply that organic tobacco is healthier, just start implying that it could help you to quit smoking:
So the nicotine in ordinary tobacco is addictive, but the stuff in organic tobacco helps you quit your addiction? Yeah, right...
No surprises there, then. Although seeing such dangerous nonsense being retweeted by a health and lifestyle outfit is a timely warning that some people in the "wellness" industry can be almost as cynical and irresponsible as Big Tobacco.