Thursday, 31 July 2014

More on hippy kippers

A quick afterthought on the apparently incongruous conjunction between UKIP's fan base (which I'd previously imagined as a collection of buttoned-up, angry squares) and the Glastonbury New Age scene. Maybe it's not so strange after all. Here's a wee snippet from the web site of Colleen Tucker, student of the Ageless Wisdom, Angelic Jedi Reiki Master, Teacher, Shaman, Soul Midwife and UKIP county treasurer:
The Archangels themselves have also inspired the development of a range of Angelic Mist Sprays. These beautiful sprays are liquid light technology tools for raising vibrations and clearing negativity.
If you trusted gut feelings and anecdote more than evidence, you might buy this product. How might a person who trusts gut feelings and anecdote more than evidence vote? As they say on popular e-commerce sites, "Customers who bought this item also bought the last UKIP manifesto."