Tuesday, 29 April 2014

I didn't wander off and make a cup of tea

You don't often see a party election broadcast that deviates from the narrow, managerialist script of variations on the same narrow policy menu offered by the other lot, differentiated only by a smattering of alleged own-brand executive competence, added leadership and extra "hard working families" blather.

But a party that's actually comes right out in favour of workers' rights and against trade deals that would allow the corpocracy to gut environmental protections and social rights? I wouldn't normally approve a message that allows Froggy Farage to absorb the oxygen of publicity through his slimy batrachian skin, but you have to admit that the impersonation is almost spot on:
I've got reservations about the Greens - as far as I can see, civil nuclear power isn't as insanely dangerous as they claim, when compared with other energy sources and it's far easier for a minority party to talk a good game than to actually deliver change (remember the new dawn of Cleggmania?) - but, even so, I'm tempted to give them a go in the European elections. And it's a long time since a party election broadcast tempted me to do anything, except reach for the "off" button.