Thursday, 6 March 2014

Where the customer is always stupid

I just got a piece of bog-standard on line pharmacy spam, touting a Canadian Pharmacy site that boasts the usual selection of allegedly 100% genuine medications for sexual dysfunction, along with antibiotics, painkillers, cholesterol-busting statins, anti-depressants and so on. I must admit that I did pause for just a moment before deleting the thing, to admire the sheer ironic chutzpah of the subject line:
Shopping for medications don’t be stupid and don’t buy fake medicine! Visit our pharmacy!
It's a snappy line and it would be pretty accurate, too, if it just lost the two "don't"s. Talk about figuring out how to convey your value proposition to your buyer persona in just one short sentence. Maybe the Russian fraudster responsible for the Canadian Pharmacy scam should echo Google's injunction not to be evil and add a "Don't Be Stupid" brand motto to the fake ADA / FDA seals of approval on his boondoggle's websites.