Friday, 20 September 2013

Blackmailers make off with £141bn haul

Nobody has been  arrested in connection with a  £141bn extortion racket run by a gang who took control of the British economy in 2008. Millions of British taxpayers were blackmailed into handing over the money with threats of imminent financial ruin if they failed to comply.

The money was transferred from UK taxpayers between 2007 and March 2013, a Met Police spokesman said. Intelligence sources suggest that the extorted money has been used to pay gang members' gambling debts and to make good losses incurred after the collapse of a pyramid scheme the gang had been running.

According to Detective Inspector Mark Raymond 'Those responsible for this offence are significant players within a sophisticated and determined organised criminal network, who used considerable technical abilities and traditional criminal know-how to infiltrate and exploit the banking system.'

In other news, eight people have been arrested in connection with a £1.3m theft by a gang who took control of a Barclays Bank computer.

A spokesperson for the British Bankers' Association described the perpetrators of the Barclays cyber-heist as 'pathetic amateurs.'