Wednesday, 27 March 2013

The Westminster consensus

Hello Westminster politicians. Here's an idea. How about a truce. All three major parties could do the apology thing, admit that they've all made made a few mistakes over the last few years and show that they've all learnt a few valuable lessons that everyone can now agree on?

For example, you must all have worked out since 2008 that being "business friendly" means getting behind workers and productive enterprises, as opposed to schmoozing on oligarch's yachts, whilst cheerleading for the gamblers, debt farmers and property speculators who screwed everything up on an unimaginable scale and continue to suck the life out of the economy by extracting crippling rents and fees without adding any value. We can all get behind that one and work together in the national interest, can't we?

No? Too hard? Too controversial? What can you all agree on then? I see.

You can all agree to use some people's vague and probably baseless mistrust of foreigners to shift the blame for the the hard realities of a post-crash economy onto a conveniently powerless group of people.

It's reassuring to know that party leaders can bury their differences to and get together to surf the first wave of evidence-lite prejudice that comes along. Because that's really going to make everything better, isn't it?