Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Machiavellian brioche

Yes, I know it's just spell check-ese for 'brio', but I couldn't resist the image of Field Marshal Rommel outfoxing Hitler with a cunning plan involving a slightly sweet breakfast roll, which is why I had to screenshot this one for posterity.

Childish glee aside, this anniversary post on El Alamein is worth a read. In particular, I didn't know how snookered the Germans were by the difficulty of moving their most feared weapon, the 88mm anti-aircraft gun which, re-purposed, could knock out any allied tank:
He [Rommel] had created, not by choice but through the technological exigency of having no other gun that could engage modern tanks at MLR ranges but the 88/56 the most immobile army in history. 
Enjoy (with brioche or brio, to taste).