Friday, 8 June 2012

That's entertainment

I'm just back from a brief, but relaxing, honeymoon in the Wye valley, so here's a couple of views of the Wye, seen winding away into the distance and disappearing into the evening mist, along with a fish sculpture seen in in Ross-on-Wye.

I missed a lot of of the Jubilee hype, although I did get an intriguing glimpse into the weird parallel universe of the royal fashion expert when I caught somebody on breakfast TV deducing, based purely on the enormous size of her hat, that the Duchess of Cornwall would one day become queen.Very odd, but mostly harmless, although the headline BoingBoing gave to a piece seen in the Guardian lifted the veil on the dark side of this uncritical celebration of hierarchy. For every gilded winner, there's a downtrodden loser:

Austerity Jubilee: unemployed workers tricked into being Jubilee stewards, denied toilets, left to camp in the rain 

Speaking of entertainment, we make our own round these parts. I've just staged a re-run of the epic Dinosaur Vs Mammal struggle of the Mesozoic era, with the aid of a dead mouse from the mouse trap and our chickens. Toss the limp, furry body over the fence to a flock of hungry chickens and you get a pretty good idea what it must have been like to watch a pack of velociraptors tussling over the fresh remains of one of our distant ancestors (deep within the brain stem of every chicken lurks a spark of ancestral, saurian blood lust). It's like a low budget remake of Jurassic Park.