Saturday, 16 April 2011

The dead canary meets the flying kippers

The proportion of council seats that the Liberal Democrats are contesting at the local elections next month has fallen to its lowest point since 1999, with some senior figures in the party now acknowledging that they face an uphill battle because of their unpopularity in government.

According to the Guardian last week.

Jo Simmonds, a Green Party Councillor in Somerset dramatically illustrated the Lib Dem's plummeting fortunes in this graph.  The reasons aren't hard to find - as Northampton independent Councillor, Tony Clarke points out, it's the broken promises, stupid. Like the guy in the old advert, we know when we've been Tango'd, but at least when we've been slapped in the face by an annoying orange bloke, we can hit back at the ballot box. All of which is old news, but the graph's relevant to what's been happening this week too.

Why's David Cameron been sounding off about immigration? Take another look at the graph and compare the Tory column with the UKIP one. With the hot breath of the kippers on their necks, the Tories must be desperate to woo back all those disaffected xenophobes.