Thursday, 29 April 2010

Today's featured blog

Consists of bite-sized chunks from the lively and entertaining mind of Francis Sedgemore. Explore for yourself, but for a taster, try his takes on the shameful killing of Blair Peach and the culture of police immunity, Gordon Brown before he had to go crawling for the bigot vote, the ecological Fascism of James Lovelock, the passing of Kate McGarrigle, the effects of a citizens' basic income, Herman van Rompuy (crazy name, crazy Haikus), wondering where all the money went, not going shopping, torture as a public health issue, the joy of idleness, the marching cheerleaders of Kim Jong-il, using nanotech to produce stronger, greener concrete and the weirdness of Norwegians.

A smörgåsbord of tasty brain treats from a myriad-minded man. This one went straight onto my favourites* list.

*well, bookmarks (I'm using Firefox)


Francis Sedgemore said...

Thank you for your kind words, Andrew. And for using up my monthly website bandwidth over the past couple of days (only joking!).

This must be the first time I've been said to possess a "lively and entertaining" mind. Even my best friends generally end up banging their heads against the desk in front of them. Entertainment, maybe, but of a decidedly masochistic kind.